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Breakfast Topic: Logging into the expansion


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Imagine this: In the not-so-distant future, you fire up your computer, double-click the icon on your desktop, skim over the news page and then tentatively click that little magic button "Play." What greets your eye? The deeps of Deepholm? A roaring Deathwing in the style of Wrath? Or perhaps you see something more peaceful ... A shot of the leaner, greener Desolace, perhaps?

As for myself, I would prefer a view of the Skywall. From what I've heard, it is supposed to be titan-esque, but more graceful and airy. ... Not to mention that if we see it from above, it will have the backdrop of the shimmering sands of Uldum and the Egyptian-style architecture. What could lie within these structures of air and sand? To me, it inspires a sense of mystery and awe that awaits in the Cataclysm.

No matter what login screen we see come Cataclysm, we'll no doubt love it when it is first released. Sure, that feeling may fade or warp with time -- but for now, we can view our own version of the login screen through a lens of anticipation. Share with us: How do you see WoW's future login screen? What feelings is it supposed to inspire?

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