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Holy's new talent tree

Gregg Reece

Holy "Invokes the power of the Light to protect and to heal."

This is not the holy revamp that you're looking for. Ghostcrawler (WoW lead systems designer) said that what we're seeing isn't what they're wanting for holy paladins yet. It will likely be a beta build or two before something vaguely final for our class is ready as we're one of the classes lagging towards the back of the pack.

One thing I'm annoyed with (but I believe they're going to fix in an upcoming patch) is that our spell pushback resistance is talented, when just about every other caster appears to be getting it as one of their passive bonuses for picking the tree. Expect some sort of change regarding this in the future.

There are still a couple things to glean from these changes, though. First off, Holy Shock has returned to a healadin-only ability. Blizzard felt that it was important to start giving us the tools we needed to heal earlier on as well as giving us something that can double as a damage ability. Secondly, Beacon of Light (at least for this brief moment) has been tossed higher into the tree so that you can nab it at sometime around level 30.

Also, notice a couple other strange talent interactions, like Purifying Power (sixth tier), which can give you free Judgements when cleansing effects, and Inspired Judgement (third tier), which heals your beacon target when your Judgement hits. So imagine a cleanse-heavy fight. Every time you cleanse, you judge the boss, which heals your beacon target. These talents may not make it to expansion, let alone the next beta build, but they do give us some idea of things that the developers are thinking of.
  • Spec Active Ability
    • Holy Shock Instant cast. 6 sec cooldown. Blasts the target with Holy energy, causing 314 to 340 Holy damage to an enemy, or 481 to 519 healing to an ally.
  • Spec Passives
    • Meditation Allows ???% of your mana regeneration to continue while casting.
    • Healing Bonus Increases the effectiveness of your healing spells by ???%.
  • Tier 1 talents
    • Sanctified Light (3) Increases the critical effect chance of your Judgements and Holy Shock spells by 5/10/15%.
    • Spiritual Focus (2) Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting Flash of Light, Holy Light, and Divine Light by 35/70%.
    • Divinity (3) Increases all healing done by you and all healing effects on you by 2/4/6%.
  • Tier 2 talents
    • Healing Light (3) Increases the amount healed by your Holy Light, Flash of Light, Divine Light, and the effectiveness of Holy Shock spells by 4/8/12%.
    • Improved Lay on Hands (2) Grants the target of your Lay on Hands spell 10/20% reduced physical damage taken for 15 sec. In addition, the cooldown for your Lay on Hands spell is reduced by 2/4 min.
    • Judgements of the Pure (3) Your Judgement spell increases your casting and melee haste by 3/6/9% for 1 min.
    • Unyielding Faith (2) When you are affected by a Fear or Disorient effect your next spell cast within 15 sec has its cast time reduced by 50/100%.
  • Tier 3 talents
    • Illumination (3) After getting a critical effect from your abilities you gain mana equal to 10/20/30% of the base cost of the spell.
    • Divine Light (1) 2.5 sec cast. Heals a friendly target for 7761.99 to 8648.14.
    • Beacon of Light (1) Instant cast. The target becomes a Beacon of Light to all members of your party or raid within a 60 yard radius. Each Holy Light or Holy Shock you cast on party or raid members will also heal the Beacon for 100% of the amount healed. Only one target can be the Beacon of Light at a time. Last 1 min.
    • Inspired Judgement (2) Your Judgement spell also heals your Beacon of Light for 50/100% of the damage caused.
  • Tier 4 talents
    • Infusion of Light (2) Your Holy Shock critical heits reduce the cast time of your next Flash of Light by 0.75/1.5 sec or increase the critical chance of your next Holy Light or Divine Light by 10/20%.
    • Blessed Life (2) All attacks against you have a 5/10% chance to cause half damage.
    • Enlightened Judgements (2) Increases the range of your Judgement spell by 15/30 yards and grants you hit rating equal to 50/100% of any spirit gained from items or effects.
  • Tier 5 talents
    • Improved Concentration Aura (3) Increases the effect of your Concentration Aura by an additional 5/10/15% and while any Aura is active reduces the duration of any Silence or Interrupt effects used against an affected group member by 10/20/30%. The duration reduction does not stack with any other effects.
    • Aura Mastery (1) Instant. 2 min cooldown. Causes your Concentration Aura to make all affected targets immune to Silence and Interrupt effects and improve the effect of all other auras by 100%. Lasts 6 sec.
    • Sacred Cleansing (1) Your Cleans spell now also dispels 1 Magic effect.
  • Tier 6 talents
    • Purifying Power (2) When you Cleans a harmful effect, you have a 50/100% chance to strike the caster of the harmful effect with your Judgement ability.
    • Selfless Healer (3) Your healing spells have a 2/4/6% chance to critically hit when cast on others.
  • Tier 7 talents
    • Divine Illumination (1) Instant. 3 min cooldown. Increases your chance to critically hit with all spells and attack by 30%.

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