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Virgin Mobile rolls out payLo: your choice of two $20 prepaid plans

Chris Ziegler

Ironically, we doubt payLo's presumed namesake -- J-Lo -- is going to be taking advantage of this service with her zillions upon zillions of entrepreneurial profits, but Virgin Mobile's new line of plans should find a happy home with plenty of customers. The service actually consists of two pay-as-you-go plans from which you can choose, both running $20: 400 voice minutes good for a month, or three months at 20 cents a minute. If voice isn't your thing, you'll be paying 15 cents per text, 25 cents per MMS, and $1.50 per megabyte of data per day -- so needless to say, this setup is for light users looking for an ultra-cheap way to carry around an ultra-cheap phone. There's a market for that, we're pretty sure.

[Thanks, Jusaon]

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