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Artist turns 100 classic controllers into alarm clocks


Artist Roger Ibars wired one hundred different game controllers -- from the familiar to the obscure -- to travel alarm clocks, creating a series of wonderfully impractical devices. While we can't buy our own (it used to be possible to buy a similar device, but they're hard to find now), we can all enjoy the beautiful photographs Ibars took. It's a collection not only of his art, but of the collected works of game and peripheral companies over 30 years.

Ibars granted Joystiq (the natural home for art about joysticks) permission to share a selection of high-resolution images with you, which you can find in our gallery below. It's going to be really sad if Kinect makes controllers obsolete, because future galleries will just include blank spaces with tiny alarm clocks in the background.

Gallery: HWD Corporation (by Roger Ibars) | 10 Photos

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