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Free Realms offers lifetime sub for a limited time

Jef Reahard

Sony Online Entertainment has just announced the availability of lifetime memberships for its family friendly virtual world Free Realms. The deal will only be available from Friday, July 16th through Monday, August 2nd, and will run you $29.99 per membership. The lifetime package offers subscribers the chance to partake of the freemium title's huge variety of quests, minigames, exploration, and house decorating options sans the worry of membership dues. Full membership also unlocks all jobs, offers access to members-only items, and gives you a 10% discount in the Station Store.

Additionally, SOE has alerted to us to its new daily activities feature, whereby players are guaranteed a reward of some sort simply by participating. The first in a planned series of dailies is called "Rob Robbie," and will net players a valuable prize if they manage to complete the activity for six straight days and then log in again on day seven.

Visit the official Free Realms website to learn more about the game, and don't forget to mark your calendars to take advantage of the limited lifetime deal.

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