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Sega working on original, 'more sophisticated' Kinect game for 2011-2012


Sega seems to think that if you're underwhelmed by the use of Kinect in Sonic Free Riders (as seen at E3), you shouldn't give up hope yet. The publisher has had less than a year to work on these new motion-controlled titles, Sega's Mike Hayes told CVG, and hopes to improve efforts as the Kinect dev kits mature. "We've got one good idea and hopefully something will be out the back end of next year, perhaps early 2012, which we think will use the aspects of Kinect a lot more originally and in a more sophisticated way," he said.

What won't we see from Sega in the near future? XBLA and PSN ports of Saturn games, Hayes said. "No," he admitted plainly, "we're going to focus on Dreamcast; there's a significant catalogue there. Once we're done with that we'll see." Sega's Yosuke Okunari made a similar point recently -- in putting the emphasis on the Dreamcast lineup first -- though expressed a more optimistic viewpoint when he said Sega was already "thinking" about Saturn ports.

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