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SOE issues security alert for EQII and Station accounts

Jef Reahard

Ho hum, another week, another email phishing scam, not exactly news right? Well, this time around, Sony Online Entertainment thinks it is serious enough to issue a security alert via the official EverQuest II website, warning players to safeguard their login information and ensure that it is only used on the official SOE site.

While details on the new scam aren't clear, it's a safe bet that it has to do with exploiting a similar URL, as SOE explicitly states the legitimate login URL ( in its press release.

With the explosion in online gaming popularity across diverse cross-sections of the general public in recent years, it's no surprise that account hacking is also on the rise, as gamers are no longer the tech-savvy demographic they once were. If you do suspect that your EQII or Station account has been compromised, you can email or chat live with SOE customer support.

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