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Woz having reception problems, too


For all of his exceptional qualities, part of Woz' popularity these days lies in the fact that he is really the prototypical Apple fan -- he stands in line like everyone else, he postulates about Steve Jobs' condition, and he loves the products just as much as we do. So when even Woz admits to having reception issues with his iPhone 4, then you know it's a real problem. In an interview with a Dutch journalist, Woz says that he's been experimenting with the death grip and reception along with the rest of us. "I concluded that the effect only occurs in some places," he says, "It's like the AT&T dead zone has been extended with this new phone."

Of course, unlike most of us, Woz usually always carries a backup phone or, you know, three. And even though he's experiencing the dropouts and the issues, he's still impressed enough with the hardware that the device in general "is worth the care in holding it."

Still, Woz is the prototype for most of us Apple fans, and if even he is having the same issues that we all are, it must be time to hold a press conference. I'm sure Woz will be waiting and watching along with the rest of us tomorrow morning.

[via TechCrunch]

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