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Capcom joins Wii Virtual Console Arcade with SonSon


Remember the Virtual Console Arcade? Capcom has just announced that it'll join the small stable of publishers releasing arcade games on the download service. Right now, the announcement is for Japan only, but Capcom has been good about releasing its Virtual Console games worldwide in the past. The first game out of the new initiative is Sonson, an auto-scrolling platformer based on the Journey to the West story (like Dragon Ball and Enslaved). It'll be released sometime this summer in Japan for 800 Wii Points ($8).

Since the GDC 2009 announcement of the Virtual Console Arcade, just 13 arcade games have been released in North America. The service is significantly more populated in Japan, but only because of Namco Bandai. Both Japan and North America's stores could definitely benefit from some variety.

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