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Denon plans 3D 'universal' Blu-ray players for the UK too


With their U.S. counterparts shipping soon, fashionably late to the A/V party (as per usual), high-end Hi-Fi manufacturer Denon will finally enter the 3D Blu-ray fray in the UK with the release of the DMP-2011UD (£600 in August) and DMP-1611UD (£400 in September) universal disc players. Apparently though, this feature won't be accessible until both players receive a firmware update at the end of 2010. Out of the box, they will be capable however of playing basically anything else including DVDs, CD, Blu-ray, and cherished audiophile formats like SACD and DVD-Audio. So if you opt to pick one up now, just remember to whisper reassuring things to your Blu-ray 3D copy of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs until it can party too.

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