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Revamped PEGI ratings enforceable in UK April 1, 2011 (no joke!)

The Video Standards Council, the UK government body that adjudicates the content of games and sticks them with a PEGI rating, has announced that revamped rating labels will go into effect April 1, 2011. At that time, the ratings -- which were recently rendered inert by a legal loophole -- will actually be able to be enforced. Which, as we understand it, is pretty important for government-issued regulations.

Though the VSC and ELSPA hoped to have the new ratings out by October in time for the holiday shopping season, their plans were pushed back due to the introduction of the Digital Economy Act, which regulates electronic media, including video games. This new legislation also goes into effect April 1. Unless, of course, this is just an elaborate prank. Given UK politicians' proclivity for pulling the ol' switcheroo on the gaming industry, that actually wouldn't surprise us too much.

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