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Sony releases entry level SCD-XE800 SACD player in Japan, 10 years too late


Many of us at Engadget -- being the audio geeks that we are -- have rooted for SACD to take off as a format ever since its release in 1999. So we're more than happy to see Sony release the entry level priced SCD-XE800 SACD player. We'd being lying though if we didn't admit confusion over Sony's timing of this release, in what seems to be the twilight years of the cherished audiophile format's life. Even more befuddling perhaps is that this device isn't compatible with multi-channel SACD discs, which was one of the most attractive selling points the medium had going for it to begin with. So if this is some strange underhanded way of Sony alerting the world they're resuscitating the format, it looks like it was thought out over several bottles of sake. If we see a press release about a new Beta Max player coming down the pipe soon, we'll know for certain someone at the electronics giant has clearly lost their marbles.

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