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Swords & Soldiers coming to PSN this fall, published by Sony Online Entertainment


Sony Online Entertainment isn't all bad news today. The publisher announced that it's working with developer Ronimo Games to bring the cute side-scrolling RTS, Swords & Soldiers, to PSN. Originally released on WiiWare in June 2009, Swords & Soldiers allows players to control caricatured versions of Viking, Aztec or Chinese armies in both single-player missions and multiplayer battles.

The PSN version will, in addition to lovely HD graphics, add online multiplayer. It also offers "up to 20 PlayStation Network trophies," so you'll be able to earn a more tangible reward for your time instead of merely throwing it away on "fun" -- or "Morefun," as the case may be. SOE plans to release Swords & Soldiers "early this Fall." The game's ESRB rating mentions a Windows PC release as well, which was not announced. We're checking with SOE.

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