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Verizon FiOS chooses "the worst TV channel ever" for some 3D VOD


Now we know we promised to never cover WealthTV again, but honestly, FiOS signing up to put its 3D content on video on-demand (and well ahead of the holiday projection it had put out for jumping on the 3D bandwagon) is kind of a big deal. In case you've forgotten: This is the same network where the CEO, Robert Herring Sr., decided to defend his "small family-run business" from negative comments on our podcast while it was apparently engaged in a dispute with Time Warner Cable, which we shared a parent company with at the time. We addressed how laughable that claim was at the time and are eager to let bygones be bygones, so we'll take a look at the "new" WealthTV 3D and let listeners on the podcast next week know how it turns out, fair enough Rob?

P.S. If it still sucks, we won't hesitate to throw you under the bus again. Hearts and kisses.

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