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The Daily Grind: She has a great personality

Eliot Lefebvre

Graphics are an intensely subjective thing, but sometimes things just look plain bad. We can admit it. No one was raving about the graphics in EverQuest when the game was first released, and that was eleven years ago now. The art style of some games will always rub people the wrong way, and it's easy to look at some free-to-play games and be painfully underwhelmed by the graphics. And as much as people like to say that the visuals don't matter, high-end rewards look snazzy for a reason. We like looking at pretty things.

Of course, fans of EverQuest will be quick to point out that whatever the game lacks in graphics it retains in gameplay. Between age, budget, and style, games might not look like much at a glance, but what's behind the art means a lot more in the long run. What game do you find yourself defending as a good game underneath bad graphics? Is it an excellent engine, or just a fun game full of fond memories where you can look past the visuals?

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