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An iPhone DSLR prototype housing hits snags

Keith M

Lots of folks are happy that the new iPhone 4 has an improved camera, coming at us at a snazzy 5MP, a whole two more than its predecessor. But, alas, it's still just a camera in a phone, with a teeny-tiny lens with no manual focus or zooming options. But ... what if you could put an adjustable lens over that teeny-tiny lens to get what you want?

A fella over at has been working on a prototype housing for the iPhone that allows for attaching Canon EF lenses. Y'know, those big honkin' ones you see on the Canon DSLR cameras. Basically -- in theory, at least -- the iPhone lens focuses through the SLR lens, and you can manually focus and zoom the Canon lens as needed.

Definitely a neat idea, though, if you follow what he's doing, he's hitting a couple of snags. One major one being that the iPhone camera is unable to focus on the image projected by the Canon lens. Though the inventor of the housing admits he's by no means a professional photographer, I'm definitely interested in seeing if he can get the help he needs to get this to work well enough to go to market.

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