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Chris Cashman speaks on the end of 1 vs. 100


Inimitable host of the now-canceled Xbox Live gameshow 1 vs. 100 Chris Cashman recently spoke to Giant Bomb about his feelings on the show being disbanded, even going so far as to create a goodbye video. He called the situation a "bummer," adding, "It wasn't that long ago that I was blown away by having colored rubber bands on my braces, so getting to host the first live videogame ever is pretty much tops."

And though he says he's "sure they are plotting something rad," Cashman, sadly, doesn't have any idea what the future of Xbox Live's Primetime channel will hold for gameshows like 1 vs. 100. We've dropped his goodbye video just after the break. Feel free to pour one out for 1 vs. 100 with us while watching.

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