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Bumper cases no longer on sale, pending giveaway


As announced on Friday, Apple is planning to provide free iPhone 4 cases (either the Bumper case or other yet-to-be-announced models) to all iPhone 4 purchasers through September 30, 2010. Anyone who bought a Bumper already is due to get a refund.

As the night follows the day, it would make sense that Apple would remove the Bumper from store shelves and the online store to prevent people from paying for something they are entitled to get for free -- and that's exactly what's happened. Reader Mike Polizzotto reported on Friday that the online Apple Store had dropped the Bumpers to a price of $0 and marked them out of stock, and today both Different District and iLounge are noting the absence of Bumpers from the retail stores.

No details yet on the refund/application setup for free cases, but it's expected that Apple will post instructions on latethis week.

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