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Red Faction: Armageddon trailer, assets, fresh from Comic-Con

Under the veil of Comic-Con, THQ and Volition just released some assets for the upcoming, underground destruct-em-up, Red Faction Armageddon ... though with the impressive Nano Forge, we suppose you could also call it a construct-em-up.

In addition to a new cinematic trailer, found after the break, some artwork has also been released, highlighting several of the game's features: the Magnet Gun promises hours of physics-based fun; the "shockwave" attack will immobilize enemies in midair for followup with, say, the Magnet Gun; and the Creepers are alien baddies who, once knocked onto the ground, can have their heads stomped in. If you're still getting a decidedly Dead Space vibe from this game, you're not alone.

Also not alone: Armageddon's Darius Mason, who finds himself battling martian critters in the trailer. If you like your voiceover cheesy ("They say you can't battle a nightmare") and lots of one-second shots of gameplay (nice Aliens-esque exoskeleton!), then make your way past the break.

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