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Sony patents multiplayer stereoscopic system


Seeing two images to create a 3D picture is so earlier this year -- Sony has been working on a patent that sends two images from one video screen to two different people, allowing for two players to see different images on the same screen. Each player would need their own set of glasses (which would each pull off the right frames), which would then come with earphones for separate audio feeds, too.

You'd need a special 3D television to do it, but there are all kinds of cool applications -- one person in your house could watch a movie while the other plays games, or you could do local split-screen multiplayer without actually splitting the screen (as seen in the diagram above). The patent even allows for more than two players, and there's even an implementation that would actually send two images each to two players, creating separate 3D views for both viewers. Both patents were filed a year ago, and have just come to light now. As 3D televisions become more common, we'll have to see if Sony brings an actual implementation of this tech to the consumer market.

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