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Verizon getting two e-readers / tablets from Entourage in September?

Chris Ziegler

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We're being told that Verizon has a pair of devices that it's identifying as "e-readers" on the roadmap for September of this year, but what's really interesting is that they're called "Entourage." It's possible there's no association to the company of the same name, but we're kind of thinking that the carrier has hooked up with the makers of the oddball Edge for these devices -- especially since we know they both share an affinity for Android. We don't know the specifics of the units other than the fact that they'll be 7- and 10-inch tablets -- presumably sans the Edge's crazy dual-display design, though we can't say for sure. Verizon has yet to play the e-reader game the same way Sprint and AT&T have with the Kindle and Nook -- and of course, we've no doubt they'd love a viable iPad competitor. Who's buying?

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