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WoW Moviewatch: Nub Tales ep 6.1: Real ID


Yumfries was nearly finished this episode of Nub Tales when Blizzard recanted its decision to use real names on the forums. Nonetheless, with Nub Tales ep 6.1: REAL ID so close to completion, there was no turning back. The episode had to be completed.

In REAL ID, we finally discover the true identity of the mysterious sparkle pony. There's a couple things about this little shout out that I particularly enjoyed (besides the obvious). There are two different shout outs to previous episodes. The first bit of continuity is the sparkle pony, of course, but the second is the return of the GM character. This techniques help solidify the world of Nub Tales, and really establishes the series as more than just a series of one-off jokes. Nub Tales is great stuff, and I always look forward to each week's new release.

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