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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Geddy-ing a dose of Rush's '2112'

We'll be the first to say it: Rhythm games don't exactly seem like the best venue for playable versions of full-length concept albums. Yeah, that one breakout track is still really fun to play, but the 14-minute theremin solo that follows can't be too fun to wait through. That said, we can't help but applaud Activision's recent initiative to include Rush's 20-minute-long 7-part epic, "2112," in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

Sure, there are a few parts of the prog-rock suite during which we might want to take brief naps, but the collection's more rocking moments more than make up for it. Here's hoping for an Achievement for playing the whole shebang front-to-back in one sitting -- an act which would cause lesser vocalists to burst into flames.

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