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Native Instruments teases new all-in-one Traktor controller, enlists Dubfire to help

Chris Ziegler

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Even though it's made bits and pieces of DJ hardware for years, Native Instruments has steered clear of the burgeoning all-in-one controller market, leaving that to third-party players like Hercules, Behringer, Stanton, Allen & Heath, and Numark. Thing is, archrival Serato has been taking it to the paint with its Itch systems lately, so it looks like NI getting ready to step up its game. We've just been tossed a video of Dubfire testing out a mysterious, unnamed rig connected to an updated version of Traktor out at Ibiza, and for Traktor DJs, this looks like it could be the hardware you've been waiting for -- especially if the X1 wasn't quite enough to satisfy your deepest, darkest desires. We don't know what the deal is with this thing other than that it's "upcoming," so we'll toss you details just as soon as we have them.

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