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Panasonic adds Blu-ray 3D/HDD all-in-one plasmas; redesigned, rechargeable 3D glasses in Japan


Panasonic Japan's push to bring 3D to wider audiences means more than just offering it in smaller HDTVs. The RT2B series plasmas announced today can record TV broadcasts onto their hard discs or Blu-ray drives, and are the first all-in-ones that play Blu-ray 3D movies as well. Available in 42- and 46-inch versions, it's unlikely we'll see them on this side of the Pacific, but much more likely to make the jump are some new 3D glasses (pictures after the break.) Now available in different sizes for the whole family, they also include sealed batteries rechargeable by USB, as opposed to the current one-size-fits-all design that relies on a replaceable watch battery. Two hours charging via USB should equal 30 hours of watching, and at 38g, Panasonic's claiming the small kid-sized TY-EW3D2SW active shutter glasses are the lightest around. What hasn't changed yet is the price -- ¥13,000 ($149.) Barring bundle deals, outfitting the family for some festival viewing will still be an expensive proposition when all of these start shipping August 27.

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