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NBA 2K11 players to take on 'The Jordan Challenge'

2K Sports has announced an intriguing, star-powered mode for its upcoming pro hoops title, NBA 2K11: "The Jordan Challenge." As your brain probably discerned upon reading the words "hoops" and "Jordan" in the same sentence, the mode will place you in the comically large sneakers of Michael Jordan and task you with recreating 10 of the biggest games in the legendary athlete's career. These recreations must be perfect, or the time-traveling Jordan might just create a paradox, simultaneously destroying all matter at every point of time.

Only a handful of games have been revealed so far: There's his 69-point bout against the Cavaliers in March of 1990, his self-described best game. There's also his flu-ridden performance against the Utah Jazz in the 1997 NBA Finals. And, of course, the collection wouldn't be complete without his climactic match-up against the Monstars, in which his physics-defying, game-winning slam dunk guaranteed the freedom of his animated teammates, and led to his recovery of the basketball skills of fellow ballers Barkley, Ewing, Bogues, Johnson and Bradley.

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