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One Shots: Guys?

There you are, wandering along, enjoying your day in your favorite MMO, when out of nowhere some monster decides that you look like a tasty snack. As you're close to a town or encampment, you perhaps think, "Aha, I'll just run over here and get some help." Well, sometimes, that help isn't coming, such as in today's Lord of the Rings Online One Shots sent in to us by Andrew (also known as Pojoh on the Firefoot server). He writes in to tell us his tale of indignation:

"My burglar was running through the early part of Mirkwood and heading back to an elven camp to cash in a quest, when he was set upon by a foul goblin. Well, I was close to the elven encampment so I thought, 'hey, I'll run right up to the legion of Elven Guards, no way will the goblin reach me there.' What I didn't realize was that apparently the elves were SO entrenched in a meeting, that they couldn't help out a hobbit. Needless to say, I dispatched the goblin fiend, but not without being a bit perturbed by the laziness of some elves."

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