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Sony Korea outs Move-compatible Flight Control and new PS3 racer


In announcing a September 15 launch for PlayStation Move in its territory, Sony Computer Entertainment Korea (intentionally?) slipped out the identity of two new PS3 titles, both with Move support. The first will be familiar to anyone who's browsed the iTunes App Store in, well, ever. It's a downloadable version of the popular "line drawing" casual strategy game Flight Control from Firemint, which has lifted off from iDevices and DSi to land on the PSN store ... at some point. (No date was listed.)

Also new and included in the "supports Move" category, Ignition is a Blu-ray Disc based racer from Hungarian developer Nemesys. The game was actually unveiled this time last year, was supposed to arrive in fall 2009 and doesn't have a publisher to speak of -- but hey, who needs that when you have looks? Check out screens of the game below and see for yourself. (While we try and find out who's actually releasing it.)

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