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Final, Ultimate Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions universe revealed

As deduced by our industry-leading experts on men who are also spiders, the fourth and final Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions universe will be Ultimate. That is to say, it will be set in the Marvel Comic Ultimate universe -- we can't vouch for its relative "ultimateness" quite yet.

So, what's different about this one? Well, according to IGN's Comic-Con preview, the world of the Ultimate universe is bright and cel-shaded -- a stark contrast to Spidey's pitch black Symbiote suit. Spider-Man (who's voiced by series veteran Josh Keaton in the Ultimate 'verse) will encounter large groups of SHIELD troops and Carnage Symbiotes, which they'll be able to deal with simultaneously using their suit's increased offensive capabilities. Whip swaths of enemies with your Spidey-tendrils, shoot web-spikes out of your chest, or summon black spikes from the ground to wreck enemies' shops.

So, he's basically like the guy from Prototype, only he's much less inclined to eviscerate every single civilian that wanders into his field of vision. How nice! Look for our multi-dimensional preview of the game later today.

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