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WoW Moviewatch: Zul'Jin Ogre Raid on Ironforge


And now for something completely different. Just when you thought world PvP couldn't possibly get any better, someone comes along and performs the Zul'Jin Ogre Raid on Ironforge. Not only does this video feature a part of World of Warcraft that makes it unique among its peers (world city PvP), but the group doing the raid seems to be having one heck of a good time.

My favorite part is at the end, when they all break out into fireworks and dancing. And then the very end, when they break out into a very unique fight. (That fight, mind you, seems like even more fun.) It's rare that videos make me wish I could be included in that game play. But if I'd had an invite to that raid, I definitely would have been there with bells on.

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