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Xcode 4 Preview 2 available for download


Have I mentioned how much I adore Xcode 4? I would marry it, bear its children and clean up after it -- that's how much I love it. But Xcode 4 hasn't been readily available for general use. Until now.

As of this evening, you can download Xcode 4 Preview 2 and throw yourself into its exuberant yum. At least you can if you're a member of one of the paid developer programs. Yes, all that Xcode 4 goodness is now yours to enjoy, whether you went to WWDC or not.

So point your browser over to Apple's developer site, log in with your Mac or iPhone paid developer credentials, and download yourself a big hot steaming pile of IDE yum. It's like the chocolate lava volcano cake of development tools.

Thanks, Luke Rhodes

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