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APB turns handsome gentleman into human avatar


We really hope that Realtime Worlds' living APB avatar, Josh, is getting paid quite a few duckets, as he's not only getting the future-punk rocker haircut of an in-game character, but also a septum piercing, not to mention two giant wings tattooed on his back. He's being called "The Human Avatar," and, well, he's a living advertisement.

Fans of the game (and generally folks with cruel hearts) have been voting on various stages of the gentleman's development over the past few weeks at the project's official website. At this point, all but the final stage has been completed: clothing. Apparently, Josh will be donning a steampunk outfit. And you know, we're okay with the outfit. Heck, we're even okay with the piercing. It's the life-altering, less than easy to remove tattoos on his back that seem like the bigger issue here. Hopefully Realtime's paying him enough to get them removed (with lasers!) after all this madness is over with.

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