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Breakfast Topic: Yellow car, I win!


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A few months ago, a friend introduced me to Yellow Car, I Win! The main point of the game, clearly, is to shout the titular phrase every time you see a yellow car or other yellow vehicle. There are rules, however. The way we play the game, players cannot call school buses, construction equipment or taxis. What qualifies as a yellow "car" varies, also; the vehicle has to have wheels and/or an engine, so a yellow bicycle would work, as well as a yellow speedboat or jet ski, but a yellow kayak would not. Once a person has the rules down, it just comes down to spotting the relatively uncommonly colored vehicle before anyone else in the car. Even when I'm alone or not playing with other passengers, the game is in the back of my head.

Now one day while I was thinking about this, I wondered if there were any similar games going on in Azeroth. I realize that there aren't a lot of yellow mounts in game, but there must be some games people play while running around Dalaran waiting for the next Wintergrasp or ICC run. Maybe a spontaneous game of I Spy or Catch Phrase in guild chat every now and then?

So, this is my question for you, fellow WoW players: Do you and your friends have any games or activities you like to do to fill those short, in-between times, or even to spice up regular activities?

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