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Fallen Earth PTS patch features respecs, pretty colors

Jef Reahard

If you haven't yet put in an appearance on Fallen Earth's public test server (PTS), there's no time like the present. The game's newest patch, 1.6, has just been pushed to the PTS shard, and it's ripe for all the poking, prodding, and pummeling that players can muster.

The update brings a boatload of new features to the wasteland, including arboreal graphic enhancements, a revamped newbie tutorial, minor respec points, custom vehicle paint colors, and PvP flagging. Grab your respec injectors from mutagenics merchants and type /pvp to prep your clone for all the ganking action you can handle (and type /pvp again when you've had enough).

Read all about it on the official site as well as the official forums.

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