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Free Realms adds new pets, mounts, and windsocks

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The latest update to Free Realms brings more goodies to players via the in-game shop, offering a little something for everyone.

Pet lovers have yet another species to pick up -- monkeys. (Bonus points to SOE for asking "haven't you always wanted a monkey?") You can get pet monkeys in the store in a variety of colors.

Is a monkey not quite your style? How about a new mount instead? Sabertooth tiger mounts are available as well, and while they don't sparkle they're still fierce and fleet of foot.

Several new housing items have been added to the store if you're the type that prefers to spend your time on home improvement. Has your home been missing a windsock? How about a slop bowl? These little touches are now in the store for your character's house.

Check out the update list on the Free Realms site, then jump into game to check it all out for yourself!

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