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Super Street Fighter IV's brawlers getting new DLC outfits this fall

We wouldn't blame you for confusing yesterday's Street Fighter-focused Comic-Con panel for a wedding ceremony -- after all, it contained announcements of something old, something new, something borrowed (that is to say, fighters from Tekken) and ... well, Chun-Li's new outfit is blue, isn't it? Fine, the analogy doesn't quite work, but the fact remains: Series producer Yoshinori Ono revealed that all of Super Street Fighter IV's characters would receive new outfits in a DLC pack to be released this fall.

Kotaku caught an image of the slide showing off some of these new outfits, including a Catwoman-esque get-up for Cammy, and a nightmarish, open-chested leather suit for Rufus. Note that we're using "nightmarish" in the literal sense, here. As in: "We plan to have nightmares about this, possibly as soon as tonight."

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