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The Daily Grind: What makes you feel like a hero?


There's always been a big to-do in MMORPGs about making you feel like a hero (and, hey, all RPGs ever). Dev interviews, particularly before release, usually include discussion about how such-and-such will make the player feel important, feel central to the story, feel... heroic.

Of course, when everyone else and his or her specially trained dog or cat are doing the exact same thing, it's hard to feel like a unique snowflake in the hero crowd. While NPCs are supposedly helpless and need a dashing, daring stud or studette to champion their cause, after a while it may seem like they're more "lazy bums" than "weak innocents."

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there's something in MMOs that does, in fact, make you feel like a hero. Maybe it's not anything scripted by the developers, but instead happens out of the blue. Perhaps you're the healer who kept your raid alive, or the person who gave up a night to help out a lowbie in the guild. Maybe you saved a total stranger from annihilation, or you chained sixteen crits in a row until the bad guys were weeping for mercy.

What makes you feel like a hero in MMOs?

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