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Is Apple too slow on delivering bumpers and cases?

Mel Martin

Gee whiz. It took Apple a while to respond to all the "death grip" stories, but Steve Jobs certainly got his point out in an unprecedented news conference July 16th and in a letter to customers July 2.

Now that the Bumper/Free case program is under way, delivery is said to be 3 to 5 weeks. Hey Apple, what's your hurry? Unfortunately we live in a world of instant gratification. See an app you want? Download it instantly. Want to see a video? It's a click or two away.

While most people aren't having reception problems with their iPhones, those that have been complaining will find a delay of up to 5 weeks a bit much. That will put delivery for some into September. That's a lot of dropped calls and a lot of dodgy data reception. It's about the delivery speed of those crummy TV offers from the now deceased Billy Mays.

There's no denying that Apple has done a good thing by offering cases, and using an app to register was an awfully clever idea. There may be supply problems, but my local Best Buy and AT&T stores seem to have plenty of iPhone 4 cases now.

Do you think Apple should have stepped up the pace a bit?


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