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'EverQuest 2 Extended' bringing free-to-play to EQ2


SOE has announced a free-to-play version of EverQuest 2, called EverQuest 2 Extended. Yes, a free-to-play version. Rather than switching its business model as some MMOs have, SOE is actually going to operate Extended in parallel with the existing, subscription-based version of EverQuest 2.

Extended uses a smaller web-based application instead of EQ2's full download, and offers both free and optional paid membership content, as well as the option to purchase equipment. It includes access to all the game zones available in the "real" game, including those added in expansions up to "Shadow Odyssey". In other words, everything but the stuff added in "Sentinel's Fate." Find all the confusing details about the membership options after the break, or check the FAQ.

EverQuest 2 Extended is expected to launch in beta form "on or around August 17, 2010." Along with it, UI improvements will be released for the current version of EQ2.

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