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Get $20 off StarCraft 2 Collector's Edition at Gamestop [update: but not anymore]

Update: GameStop got wise to the contradiction, and has since made this deal non-applicable to StarCraft 2: Collector's Edition.

Alright, soldiers. It's do or die time. Well, fine, you probably won't die if you don't hop on this offer ASAP, but you might be filled with regret. For a limited time, you can pick up the collector's edition of StarCraft 2 with free shipping and a $20 discount, bringing its price down to $79.99.

To do so, place your order for StarCraft 2 CE on Gamestop's website, and use the discount code "20FROM80" to get the discount, and "SAVER" to get the free shipping. Now, take note -- the rules of the discount specifically stipulate that it doesn't apply to "special editions," yet for some unknown reason, it seems to work on the Collector's Edition of the game. If you want to get in on the bargains, you should act quickly, before the retailer realizes the contradiction.

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