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Nintendo trademarks suggest new names for 3DS features

Look, considering Nintendo drew just about every one of its big guns from their respective holsters when it revealed the 3DS lineup during an E3 press conference last month, we don't blame you if this story doesn't thrill you to your core. The company recently filed a set of trademarks relating to software for the three-dimensional device, including "CrossPass," "CrossPass Network," "CrossPass Connection" and "CrossPass Mode." It seems the handheld's always-on Tag mode has been given a much more Google-able moniker.

Nintendo also filed trademarks for "3D Paddleball," "3D Hopper," "Target Shooting" and "3D Challenge" -- all of which were available in tech demo form at E3. Does this mean they could see the light of day when the 3DS gets released next spring? We're not sure, but we wouldn't mind sinking a few more hours mastering the subtleties of Hallway Pong.

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