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SDCC 2010: A new Super Hero Squad Online trailer in the Mighty Marvel tradition

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're looking for a superhero MMO, you have a lot of options these days, which is part of the reason that Gazillion Entertainment has gone in a very different direction with Super Hero Squad Online. Rather than being a more adult-oriented game, it features colorful characters in a cartoonish setting, with an emphasis on family playability. Some players are going to immediately turn up their noses and sneer at the idea, of course, but after viewing the latest trailer, it sure does look like fun.

The trailer, straight from SDCC 2010, features a variety of standbys within the Marvel universe that most viewers will have no problem recognizing. It's evident from the footage that the game is placing a high emphasis on retaining the feel of each signature hero's skills and powers, even if the stylized graphics might throw some players for a bit of a loop. Take a look at the trailer just past the cut, and keep your eyes peeled for more information on Super Hero Squad Online as we approach the release date in 2011.

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