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T-Mobile promises to unveil an HSPA+ phone this summer


As T-Mobile continues to smother America in its quasi 4G HSPA+ 21Mbps network, we're still lacking an actual HSPA+ T-Mobile USA handset to enjoy the fruits of that labor. Well, we might not have that much longer to wait: a tweet from the official @TMobile_USA account says "Later this summer, T-Mobile will unveil its first HSPA+-capable smartphone." It goes on to add that "More details will be available in the coming weeks." Now, the last we heard from T-Mobile on this subject was that the first HSPA+ phone would be an HTC-built Android phone, and this doesn't really contradict that. Let's just hope T-Mobile decides to start off with a bang and indeed kicks things off with that rumored HTC Vision / G1 Blaze (pictured).

Update: Would ya look at that, a teaser site for HSPA+. More interesting, however, is that the source code previously referenced Vanguard (remember it?), but all mentions have since been stricken from the record. (Via Android and Me)

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