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U2 360° Tour Blu-ray actually makes compelling use of BD-Live


Normally, if asked to choose between living with or without gimmicky BD-Live enabled bonus features, we'd pick the latter. Musical preferences aside though, U2's use of the technology on their 360 Tour Blu-ray to share select performances from their 2011 tour is just the kind of cool use case we've been looking for. According to the disc's production company, it was also cheap to implement -- think less than a pair of Bono's sunglasses. That happens to fly directly in the face of arguments made by other studios who cite BD-Live's costs as the main reason for its limited integrations to date. So while we never thought the day would come, it looks like the same minds behind the special edition iPod have set a new precedent -- mainly that studios shouldn't get away with all that they leave behind. That's right you heard us movie companies, we want more free future content on discs -- and while you're up get us some Goobers too.

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