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Ultra-limited edition Engadget / eBoy shirts now available! (update: SOLD OUT!)


Yes humans, you read that right. Engadget and eBoy have teamed up to bring you a heartbreaking work of staggering genius -- namely, the eBoy-designed, Engadget-approved t-shirt you see above. We've got a very, very limited number of these on hand (less than 100), so if you want one, make sure you scoop it up today. If we run out here, eBoy have a small batch available as well. The 100 percent cotton, American Apparel shirts are $30 each (plus $10 for shipping and handling for up to 3 shirts, $20 for shipping and handling for anything beyond 3), and are available in S, M, L, and XL. Just follow beyond the break to see some more design detail, and use our totally reliable and not-at-all scammy PayPal purchasing options. US and international orders welcome!

Update: We've sold out of XL -- we have a few left in the other sizes though!

Update 2: Aaaaaaand mediums and larges are gone... just a couple of smalls left!

Update 3: We're sold out! Check out eBoy -- they should have some left. Maybe?

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