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Analysts predict StarCraft 2 sales in 2010 to be out of this world

Video game industry analysts' ears perked up yesterday following the release of Blizzard's super anticipated RTS, StarCraft 2 -- sensing a need for the skills of their vocation, these analysts began firing off their predictions for how the game would sell through the end of the year. According to Gamespot, Signal Hill's Tom Greenwald suggests that "5-6 million units this year are highly achievable," while Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian predicts the game to sell 4.5 million units through September and 6.5 million units by the end of 2010.

Speaking to USA Today, Morgan Wedbush guru Michael Pachter gave his prediction: five million copies within the next two to three months. Using our own comprehension of the gaming industry, as well as a few tricks we've picked up from The Price is Right, we've got our own predictions: Five million and one by October, six-and-a-half million and one by the end of the year. Oh, yeah. That spot on the Showcase Showdown is ours for sure.

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