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Android 2.2 upgrade for Droid X may already be trickling out, other Droids shortly?

Chris Ziegler

We've already gathered that Verizon, Moto, and HTC all seem to be pretty well committed to bumping most of their Droid models to Froyo (as well they should), but things are starting to get real -- really real. First off, we've been fed a shot of a tipster's Droid X that has apparently already been blessed with 2.2 over the air; the baseband version is a tick older than the one in a shot leaked over on My Droid Life, but it's anyone's guess how Motorola is staging this and what the final gold binary really contains. We've also seen a 2.2 ROM for the Droid Incredible leak recently (and the Droid before that), so uncorroborated rumors we're seeing that three of the four retail Droids will be getting 2.2 by the 15th of next month aren't necessarily crazy. Remember: think positive thoughts.

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