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Microsoft previews Office for Mac 2011


Microsoft has released some details and videos that highlight features of the forthcoming Office for Mac 2011.

Way back in the day when I had a G3 iMac, I used Outlook for email. I've since switched to Mail, but Microsoft has gotten my curiosity up with Outlook for Mac 2011. This update features a new Conversation View. With a click it provides an attractive representation of a long thread. It looked nice for the brief time it appears in today's video and rather Mac-like. While Entourage is more than I need, I'll happily check out Outlook 2011.

Also new to Outlook is Spotlight integration and improved Time Machine compatibility. It'll only backup new messages, saving disk space. Another marquee feature is what Microsoft is calling Ribbon.Think of it as an evolution the Office 2008 Elements Gallery that includes classic Mac menu and toolbar functionality.

There's no firm information on pricing or availability just yet, but keep your eyes on the end of this year.

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