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New Facebook Beta for webOS (v1.2.30) adds landscape viewing, inline comments


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A few iterations beyond the last time we checked in, the Palm webOS Facebook app is now up to beta version 1.2.30. New features this time around include landscape viewing, improved photo tagging, and the ability to clear all notifications by selecting view all, then using a back gesture to exit the menu. Other changes that are more immediately noticeable are the news feed dropdown menu option (before & after picture after the break) which should be quite useful for those following our tips on managing your Facebook friends, plus the ability to see comments directly in the news feed, instead of just a number indicating how many there are. Check Preware or hit link below to download the latest version, if you're stuck on 1.2.5, just use the update feature on your phone and it should find the latest version.

Gallery: Facebook for webOS 1.2.30 beta | 8 Photos

Newsfeed view: Old version on the left, new on the right:

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