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Runes of Magic team implements account security improvements

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Account security has been a concern for Runes of Magic players lately, and Frogster has been paying attention.

Community Manager Mike "Silberfuchs" Kiefer posted a fairly impressive list of improved security methods on the Runes of Magic forums, detailing some important changes. Players now have different options and methods for changing all usernames and passwords, and there are some new password requirements. Account and IP blocks will come into effect under certain circumstances as well.

Gold sellers also took a hit as a part of this new effort. Frogster has managed to obtain "an injunction against a number of goldsellers as well as companies and individuals offering leveling services," and those undesirables are being removed permanently.

Check out the forum post for all the details on how this will affect your account.

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